Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Peyton Manning to......DeAndre Hopkins???

Fan bases from the Kansas City Chiefs, Oakland Raiders, and San Diego Chargers woke up this morning, tuned into the ever reliable NFL network, and saw the headline, Broncos ATTEMPTED to trade Peyton Manning to the Houston Texans. Now, I can only visualize the emotions the workforce of  the aforementioned cites of KC, Oakland and San Diego were feeling, People potentially were of the depressive mood knowing full well that the all for not trade of Manning could've led their market to become AFC West favourites for the 2015-2016 National Football league campaign. I take that thought back, the markets of  San Diego and Kansas City may have had this feeling because let's face it, the Oakland Raiders are still owned by the last name Davis, and associating itself with the Davis surname is code for a basement dweller finish. For the record, even with Manning in the fold for Denver, I'm leaning towards the prognostication that San Diego was going to be competitive for the division but without Peyton may have prompted the Latino California community into hysteria.

So obviously when this report came out, the Denver Broncos were FORCED to deny this rumour, it's just basic media training 101. I trust the NFL network when it comes to reliable rumours and pertinent information, unless it was coming from ex network employee Warren Sapp, who's only source of reliable intel was which hotel to frequent in a prostitution ring.  Here are my thoughts on this Manning speculation, Denver can go into constant denial, but is/was their some merit in making this bold move? I mean, this after all is a thirty nine year old aging quarterback who is heavily dependant on the likes of Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas pulling the weight for him. Peyton has never possessed a strong arm, even going back to his Indianapolis days, where the better athletic specimen such as Marvin Harrison and Reggie  Wayne did the quote on quote dirty digging for good ol #18! A new coach was brought in for the Broncos this year, that being former Texans field sergeant Gary Kubiak. Maybe the idea of trading a declining Manning back to his former employee was a way to stick it to the management in Houston by saying" Hey Rick Smith, you've had  a long history of dealing with quarterbacks who are long in the tooth, heck you even employed a pylon, I mean Matt Schaub for a few years, surely you'll want to take on Peyton?" From a Houston perspective, a team that is not that close to contending renders me curious on why they would even consider such a move, but I suppose Peyton is a PR smash which would re acquaint those hopeless visions of finally bringing a Super Bowl team to the modern day Houston franchise.

More importantly from  a Denver perspective it begs the question, why? Is Brock Osweiler the next Tom Brady? Impossible to know with limited viewing knowledge. Contractually, were finances getting in the way of addressing more glaring team needs, I mean this is the same team that had to let go of Julius Thomas who went to the ultra competitive(tongue in cheek)  Jacksonville Jaguars. The latter I take more credence to because no insider or team official has come out and said that they feel Osweiler is ready to take over the starting ranks. I think ultimately what this comes down to is Denver and Kubiak getting  greedy feeling as if that they're strong receiving corpse and Von MIller led defence can counter what the loss of #18 would've meant. There is a precedence here as I vividly remember the year or two before the 2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the Super Bowl, the at the time Tony Dungy led bucs were on the up and up and had, what never really truly materialized, a budgeoning quarterback by the same of Shaun King. The thought was that King could lead a young offence with a bulldozer running back combination Mike Alstott and Warrick Dunn could alleviate any one of King's growing deficiencies. Their defence was superb, led by Derrick Brooks, and the hotel clever Warren Sapp. The Buccaneers were seemingly on the verge of a dynasty, but then owner Malcolm Glazer wasn't content, electing to go in a different coaching direction whilst bringing in current Monday Night football analyst Jon Gruden. Gruden dissected the team and came to the realization that the secondary and receiving team needed upgrades so what he did ultimately led to the 2002 pinnacle, he decided NOT to give King a contract that he was up for, and yet brought in Brad Johnson, who's only role on the field was to stand there and not get sacked, that's all he could do.Worst starting quarterback to ever win a super bowl? This question has been debated repeatedly but you could make a comparison that in some ways, he's hockey's version of Antii Niemi, who had a great Chicago team in front of him and had to do very little to nothing to take home Lord Stanley.

Gary Kubiak is a smart football man, so is Jon Gruden. If Kubiak is taking a page out've Gruden's playbook, maybe, just maybe the Denver Broncos are on the precipus of winning the Super Bowl, but then again, like I mentioned earlier the Denver Broncos are denying these rumoured claims, so maybe not.

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