Sunday, September 20, 2015

Jason Day here to stay

Jason Day here to stay, the quintessential title for this piece as judging from recent results in this 2015 PGA Tour season, Day is going nowhere but up. In lieu of his win at the BMW championship this Sunday, he can now stake claim to the distinction of being the number one player in the world. The season has been an interesting one, almost a tale of two halves. The first half of the season was in large part dominated by American Jordan Spieth as he took home the first two majors of the season but shortly before the U.S Open, an event that Day also came close to conquering, a switch was flipped and a player as we know him today was re-born.

Throughout the completion of the U.S Open, a storyline was developing that was beginning to take the sporting world by storm. Nearing the eighteenth green on his second round of play, Day began to present some vertigo symptoms that hampered his ability to stay upward. Vertigo is a nasty ailment, something I've been dealing with largely over the last two years so the fact that he was able to  regain his composure and balance to finish out the hole  and stay in contention for the championship  was inspirational. Purportedly, some tests were done that Friday night and he was cleared to resume action for the Saturday The eventual diagnosis was a benign ear infection which allowed him to consume the appropriate medication to resume playing. Although he didn't end up winning this major, the fans he made at Chambers Bay were countless and even though he was a superstar golfer long before this championship, if it's even possible his popularity increased. Another close call could be damaging for  a player that for whatever reason wasn't able to find a way to break through, but Day's mental strength and support system carried him forward to even better things for the rest of 2015 which we'll discuss now!

Here's an amazing statistic, in Day's last eight events on tour he has not finished outside the top fifteen. That's remarkable and so has been his late summer stretch. Winning the RBC Canadian Open in late July was the start to unforeseen type of dominance, he then parlayed that confidence with a win at a prestigious major, the PGA championship where we saw him trump former world number one Jordan Spieth in a duel.  Some that don't share Day's resilience may start to exude complacency but he used that major reign to allow himself to bring more trophies home. Next we saw him show up at the Barclay's, his very next event and the consummation of the FedEx cup playoffs and he won again. That's enough right?  Not quite, because like I eluded to in my opening that Jason Day is here to stay! The winning streak temporarily snapped at the Deutsche Bank championship, but you win as often as he does you can begin to look like Fred Funk now and again. You're now thinking, Day can't go more than one event without winning right? Why, that's correct as this past weekend he captured the BMW.

Who deserves Player of the Year? Jordan Spieth on the surface may be the obvious choice because he has the two majors in his back pocket but what Jason has accomplished cannot be overlooked, and it's really not because combining his late summer heroics with also contending in the other majors he didn't win(I know, so did Spieth) is why I'm proclaiming Jason Day as your PGA player of the year for 2015.

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