Thursday, October 1, 2015

Steel curtains on the season

The Thursday night NFL slot featured the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers, and although it may go down as one of the classic games of the season, it was a comedy of errors that led to the concluding result.

For starters, after the week one disaster that was Josh Scobee's performance, any sane Steeler fan would've thought that was the end for his services as after all he was brought in after the season ending injury to Shaun Suisham. He miraculously maintained the confidence in coach Mike Tomlin after that week but after another putrid effort in week four which literally cost the Steelers the football game, their's no way he survives this scrutiny. Social media outlets have had the endless Monday morning quarterbacks calling for Tomlin's head due to some of the controversial play calls signaled down the stretch, but as per usual my take on the calls differ from popular opinion. To me, the play calls strung up by Mike Tomlin were of the aggressive nature late in the game unlike the first three quarters that were ultra conservative which featured unpredictability, the best way to outsmart stingy defences. The play calls were necessitated in large part because of Scobee's atrocious leg. I've seen better field goal kicking in my first go arounds re acclimatizing myself to the current Madden games. If Scobee would've provided a quantifiable percentage in having a chance to make those kicks, the FG unit would have been sent out faster then Mike could've said Go. Not having trust in all facets is incomprehensible when trying to enlist team success, and that's exactly what happened in Pittsburgh tonight. Don't blame the coach, blame the kicker who would have trouble cracking a CFL squad!

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