Sunday, September 4, 2016

#bb18 Power Rankings(Week of September 4th)

After a hiatus from sharing my thoughts last week, I'm back at 'er with another dosage of the critically acclaimed Big Brother eighteen rankings. Michelle, affectionately known as Big Meech succumbed to sleeping while she should've been strategizing last week. Michelle's ouster has largely benefited Corey and Nicole as Michelle was public enemy # 1 but how does her eviction effect the climate and alter my rankings? Keep reading to find out.

6.James-The spoilers have been read and I'm now aware that after Victor won Head of Household, Corey followed that up by winning the Power of Veto. James along with Natalie were nominated and clearly at the cost of exposing Nicole's spot, Corey simply can't use the veto. I really have no idea who the house will end up targeting, I suspect James will be who it is but even if Natalie ends up getting chopped, I still refuse to rank James anywhere but last. His game play becomes more disgusting by the week. For starters, and this has been discussed plentiful that a half competent player, for which he is not would've pondered that with the unsuccessful Round trip ticket twist that production would've off set the failed twist with another one, hence the second buy back. Also, to be adament in his conversations with Natalie that Nicorey wouldn't flip against Michelle is shortsighted. Michelle called out Nicole multiple times with speeches so why would Nicole willingly leave an arch rival in the house? I'm not seeing James logic here....does anybody? The only saving grace for James and I should stress that he has 0% chance of actually winning would be if Natalie goes and he slides in with Nicole and Corey and scoots his way to the final three.

5.Natalie-I'll give full credit to Natalie, she's becoming perceptive in a sense that her intuition is now telling her that James has run her game into the ground.  I genuinely feel bad for her because when she exits the house she's going to rewatch the season and immediately turn off the television petrified that her pre-game strategy of riding with the girls wasn't exactly spotlighted on the show. Especially early on the show portrayed her too reliant on James when in reality I'm not sure if it passed the smell test. I have this theory that not many will stand behind that in her preferred final three which would've consisted of herself, James and Michelle that she would've taken Michelle to the final two irregardless of her feeling towards James. I do often perplex(ok so maybe not often) what her game would've looked like without the Big Brother 17 AFP's presence.  I honestly without his admittance, we're looking at Bridgette and Natalie as power players because those two along with Bronte were the only ones that would stand up for their beliefs and by them pushing the envelope it could've posed a formidable foil to Paulie's insistence to run with the men. Touching base with reality, the wide eyes she started displaying towards the men is why there are two individuals with no chance unless they're sitting with each other in the final two which we now know not to be the case, and that's the "Jatalie" duo.

4.Nicole-My outlook on Nicole has dropped the past week. Her winning H.O.H last week was only imperative in the sense that Mchelle did not win, but truthfully having even Corey land the reign would've been a much more beneficial maneuver for her game. Now, with Nicole in power, if the rest of the house didn't already have this impression which they may have, Nicole is looked at as the bigger threat between her and Corey and when the time comes, and best believe it will, Nicole will have to pull out a veto win or else she's done. I don't know how many more times I can state that strategically, and you can rag on his personality all you want, but Corey has been more sound. Corey's in tighter with the guys, and Natalie is more fearful of Nicole but I digress as this is the Nicole analysis. I'm not doubting the move to target Michelle for  a second however she doesn't currently have a good read on the house if she's content with Victor, Paul and Corey by her side in the final four. She loses to everybody that I mentioned above so if she could take off the Corey blinders for one minute, convincing the house to evict Natalie thus aligning with James is her only winning move left. She like many others this season may be shocked with the reception they receive this season but strictly from a game level, her seclusion with Corey will have cost her a lot more than fan support, a potential cheque for $500,000 has passed her by too.

3.Victor- From my vantage point, and although it's a matter of subjectivity, I felt like the edited television show have Paul too much credit whilst not giving Victor enough in the proposed final four deal they struck with Corey and Nicole. Victor was as influential as his own partner in crime. but the way the edit is being portrayed, he looks like someone guiding Paul to victory. The strengths of Victor's game are that even though he's a big buff guy, he's not seen as intimidating and he associates himself strategically with the ladies. Even though is plan is flawed wanting Paul alongside him in final two, his unflappable loyalty may earn him so jury votes and if Paul is voted out before finale, who knows maybe their's a "winner's edit" in Vic after all.

2.Corey- "So, I was looking the items,I saw three sets of eight, and that's how I came up with my answer". Because I'm  Canadian, I'm not privy to a lot of the live feeds but from what I've seen and reports I've read, he's widely seen as a well-liked goof ball so this Austin Matelson-esque edit he's receiving has been troubling. I think I've figured out why Corey was cast. From the out set, he's provided no content of any substance for the television audience, but simply I don't think he cares. If ever given the opportunity, I wouldn't play this way as I view it as a wasted opportunity but when you break his game down strategically, aside from the vote that sent Paulie home which I still maintain was more of a sympathy vote, he's been on the right side of the numbers, he's locked up beside a returnee and he's won enough competitions to be deemed a competition dominator. The beautiful thing about his position is although in most scenarios such as the way Big Brother eighteen is being played out, there would be internal pressure for him to cut the returnee to ensure victory, hence what Danielle Murphree should've done in the final four of Big Brother 14, in this particular case taking Nicole to the finals is his best bet. Too much of the jury has had a bad taste left in their mouths from Nicole and whether Corey has the luxury of taking either Nicole or James to the final two, this season has set a new precedent that the returner is the goat. Unless it's Corey/Paul final two, he's winning the game. Not intending to act as a Corey apologist but from Big Brother "insiders" the entire season, he's received zero respect for his game and if or when he wins, I want the masses resorting back to this blog as every week I've ranked him admirably.

1.Paul-The assertion that Paul is the clear cut favourite can't be argued. If you choose to, I don't know what Big Brother you're watching. Paul was in danger in week two, and I'm sure if the men that led the charge to evict Bronte could ask for a do-over, Paul likely would've been axed because even though keeping Bronte in the game would've bolstered Natalie's side like I mentioned a bit earlier, she lacks the persuasive skills that Paul has. Paul is a public speaking giant and will talk your socks off if he's fortunate to land in the final two. He has that understated combination where he's not taken seriously compounded by the fact that he is very loyal. Nicole and Corey as far as I know trust the final four deal that was made, and the reason they do is because he's never faltered in his word. If James and Natalie are the next two boots, two compadres who I expect would publically express Paul as their target, he may as well do jumping jacks because he could beat these four in his sleep.

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