Thursday, February 18, 2016

BM's Notoriously Unreputable Annual Major League Baseball Prognostications:2016 Edition

I consider myself quite knowledgeable when it comes to dissecting most sports, I'm well read in most areas and can usually formulate opinions that hold their own and stand behind well reasoned arguments. Predictions however are a different animal for myself. I've prognosticated some doozies throughout the years most of which come back at me and nail me in the face quicker than a boomerang tossed in Australia. In 2015, my original World Series picks were the Chicago White Sox facing off against the Los Angeles Dodgers. The head is held high for how the Dodgers performed, wasn't a bold pick by any means but current Diamondback Zak Greinke and Clayton Kershaw solidified the dominance the Dodgers experienced but conversely, the White Sox who I THOUGHT(incorrectly of course) were a young, developmental team would be led by the nucleus of Chris Sale, who in fairness was a solid commodity for the ChiSox, Alexei Ramirez who flopped harder then Joe Blandisi did for the Devils the other night and is no longer a member of said organization because of it, and Jose Abreu who once again projects to be a building block for the 2016 season. The team under Robin Ventura never gelled but showed signs of improvement but clearly was nowhere near a post-season baseball entity. The off-season acquisitions of Brett Lawrie and 2015 All-Star Todd Frazier will help but as I've developed a clearer head, I won't be delusional enough to propel them into a playoff position this coming season again. Below will entail a quasi-comprehensive prediction list featuring division by division rankings, major award winners, miscellaneous predictions including quirky observations like the first manager to get fired. After the divisional rankings are complete, based off of how I have the standings playing out, I will complete my playoff bracket accordingly. Enjoy!


Numeric value beside team=seed in the playoffs
W=represents Wildcard

American League East:

1.Boston Red Sox(3)
2.New York Yankees
3.Baltimore Orioles
4.Toronto Blue Jays(sorry Jay fans, including myself)
5.Tampa Bay Rays

American League Central:

1.Cleveland Indians(1)
2.Kansas City Royals(W2)
3.Minnesota Twins
4.Chicago White Sox
5.Detroit Tigers

American League West:

1.Los Angeles of Anaheim Angels(2)
2.Seattle Mariners(W1)
3.Houston Astros
4.Texas Rangers
5.Oakland Athletics

National League East:

1.Washington Nationals(3)
2.New York Mets(W1)
3.Miami Marlins
4.Atlanta Braves
5.Philadelphia Phillies

National League Central:

1.St.Louis Cardinals(1)
2.Chicago Cubs(sorry Cubs fans, you didn't prove the Back to the Future prophecy)
3.Pittsburgh Pirates
4.Milwaukee Brewers
5.Cincinatti Reds

National League West:

1.Los Angeles Dodgers(2)
2.Arizona Diamondbacks(W2)
3.San Diego Padres
4.San Francisco Giants
5.Colorado Rockies(No Rock-tober this go around)


Wildcard Matchups

Kansas City over Seattle
Arizona over New York Mets

Divisional Series

Kansas City over Cleveland=five games
Boston over L.A Angels=four games

St.Louis over Arizona=five games
L.A Dodgers over Washington=five games

Championship Series:

Boston over Kansas City=six games

St.Louis over L.A Dodgers=seven games

World Series:

Boston over St.Louis=six games.

It's official, the Boston Red Sox will win( or apparently won't judging from my discredited track record) the 2016 World Series.

Individual and Miscellaneous

AL MVP:Robinson Cano(second baseman property of the Seattle Mariners)
NL MVP:Bryce Harper(outfielder property of the Washington Nationals)

AL Cy Young:Danny Salazar(Cleveland Indians)
NL Cy Young:Jacob DeGrom(New York Mets)

AL Rookie of the Year:Aaron Judge(New York Yankees)
NL Rookie of the Year:Corey Seager(Los Angeles Dodgers)

AL Manager of the Year:Terry Francona(Cleveland Indians)
NL Manager of the Year:Mike Matheny(St.Louis Cardinals)

First Manager Fired:John Gibbons(Toronto)

Home run title, combining both American and National League:Bryce Harper(Washington Nationals)

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