Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Tankard thoughts(draw one)

As I mentioned earlier, the plan that I've set in motion is to "live blog" as many of the webcasted draws as I can for the 2016 Saskatchewan Tankard, so in draw one the featured game is between Saskatoon's Jason Jacobson and from the Sutherland Curling Club,Dean Kleiter.

As an aside, I sincerely appreciate those of you who have taken the time to read this as the end goal is to grow this blog, also a hearty shout-out goes out to Curlingzone who have posted the blog on their website. The content won't go away but anytime I can increase exposure, it can only lead to future benefits.

End one

-Great hit and roll behind the corner by Jacobson lead Rory Golanowski,

-Warren Jackson doubles off the two rocks in the back of the eight, and we're headed for a blank.

-I may have spoke to soon as Jacobson attempted a corner freeze on a rock Kleiter slightly rolled out on, but unfortunately for Jason he chipped off and the blank is alive and well.

End two

-Couple corner guards in play and it appears both skips are shading towards a more aggressive mentality.

-Schwaga(Kleiter lead) hits and sticks behind the button, allows a freeze attempt for Jacobson, and the first real missed shot of the game transpires. Advantage Kleiter.

-The miss is reciprocated as Kleiter second Hersikorn's draw attempt slides through the rings.

-Dustin Kalthoff's first rock is a nose hit, leaving Jacobson lying two, one top four, and the second one being back twelve.

-Pistol alert! Warren Jackson hits and rolls and stuffs it behind the centre.

-A double take out, approximately three feet apart is made by Dean and now the Kleiter rink lies two split in the house. Force is in play

-Jacobson showing the form that led him to last year's provincial final by drawing against three by securing his one point and taking the opening lead.

End three

-Kleiter the aggressor, fires up the corner guard and we're off in the third.
-The youth of the Kleiter front end is becoming noticeable as that's the second glaring miss from Hersikorn, this time rolling out on a relatively simple hit and roll.

-The theme of the entire third end has been hit and roll attempts and thusfar none have been made successfully(Kalthoff comes close putting the pressure on Kleiter)

-A hit and roll is finally made! Jacobson with a peach on his first and their rock is completely behind cover edge of eight foot.Decision time for Kleiter.

-Knowing the blank wasn't feasible, Dean attempts to draw around the guard and the rock edge of eight and hangs on for shot rock at the back.

-Draw against two is what the doctor ordered for Kleiter.

-Kleiter elects to hit, but nonetheless the game is now tied up.

End four

-As  the fourth end heats up, Kleiter lies three due to Jacobson attempting a corner and a tick but then DeConinck Smith delivers a beauty, hits and rolls frozen behind the corner guard.

-In an attempt to pick out the frozen rock, they lose everything and the only rock that remains is a Kleiter rock top twelve foot.

-After a couple rock exchanges, the corner guard remains with virtually no action in the house.

-Big mistake by Warren Jackson, noses a rock that was biting in the house leaving Jacobson two guards to work with,

-Interesting end, Jackson's nose hit followed by Kalthoff's rock that slid to the back four has now made for an suspenseful finish.

-Jason attempting a hit and roll to split the house, rolls out and now Kleiter gets a freebie freeze try.

-Keen ice in Kindersley tricking the respective teams in this draw as an overthrow gives Jacobson a chance at two points. To no one's surprise, Jacobson comes through in the clutch and scores his two points.

End five

-A beautiful corner guard and come around is constructed by Shwaga leaving the Kleiter rink in an inviable position.

-Two rocks grouped together at the top of the twelve by Jacobson earlier in the end has been deemed useful as they were able to come around and sit shot rock buried.

- Jackson, in bail-out mode, makes a wonderful straight back to now lie shot and by saying that the webcast has froze on me. Splendid technology, right!, I'll get it rebooted and see if I can continue on with this match.

-Rebooted the webcast, caught Kleiter's last rock. Had a gimme draw for two in which no mistake was made. Tie ball game after five.

End six

-The sixth end, to enlist a summarization was an end completely controlled by the Kleiter foursome. When Jason went to throw his first, he was facing three and came up a hair short. Kleiter will now look to guard and increase the difficulty of his last.

-The guard is a good one and now Jason is exploring a tap up of his center guard onto his rock in the eight foot to try and score. Maybe 8/10 on a scale of difficulty...

-A lengthy deliberation ensued for the Jacobson group and the bump was the decided upon call. In a shocker, and quite perhaps the TSN turning point in this match, the shot was NOT executed and we have a steal, of three in favour of Kleiter.

End seven

-Left with no other choice, a fuming Jacobson is left to guard, guard, guard....whatever will create offence.

-I would've anticipated a guard/peel/guard/peel game for the next few shots which is exactly what is happening.

-I'll admit, I'm impressed by the mindset of Kleiter going into this match. Even in the seventh end as a Jacobson guard attempt slides deep, conventional wisdom dictates to straight peel up three. Not Dean however. He calls for the hit and roll in front of his own rock top four on behalf of Hersikorn.

-Jason is left with very little to work with. Two wide(very wide) corners not of much consequence and a Kleiter stone in the four foot are all the toys in the pantry.

-Facing third stones, Jason is desperately figuring a way to conjure up a blank.No success on the Kalthoff double attempt.

-Jacobson completes the game saving double. Blank looks inevitable.

End eight

-End starts out as one would expect, corner by Jacobson, two rocks in the house for Kleiter.

-Quinn Hersikorn completes his required duties by hitting both Jacobson stones out. Previously to that, Jacobson had looked to push back the Kleiter stones to create a wall at the back of the house. Textbook play there...

-At this rate, with the amount of tap backs tried by the 2015 provincial finalists, he may be facing eight on his last. The house has been painted yellow!

-Warren Jackson is asked to make a three foot runback to sit five. No problemo

-A very nice freeze by Kalthoff to give himself a chance in a game where, say sans the first three ends has been of no help to Jacobson.

-.It's raining freezes in Kindersley, what a beautiful toss by Jason.

-You do that, I'll do one better says Dean and Jason is forced to draw against three on his last.The draw is made, and Kleiter will hold a 6-4 lead with hammer playing nine.

End nine

-Jayden Schwaga with the kiss of death,ie the tick shot and this will likely silence any steal efforts of Jacobson

-DeConick Smith, in line with most teams who trail replaces the recently peeled off guard to retain two guards up high.

-Mistake by Hersikorn on the peel attempt, stuffed it. I surmise he tried to give it a little too much juice.

-With a Kleiter rock touching the twelve and his own stone sitting in the back of the twelve, Jacobson calls for  a come around around the Kleiter top twelve placement, fairly well thrown rock.

-Jackson and Kleiter huddling up with Jacobson sitting two, the runback double from their own guard is called.......and made. Jackson is having  a game this afternoon.

-Kleiter lying two, one biting the four, and the other at the back fo the eight. A failed freeze by Jacobson and this contest will conclude. At the surprise of me anyway, he attempts the double, misses and now Kleiter will have a wide open draw for two, just needs paint. Paint is what he got.8-4 Kleiter.

That concludes the coverage for the Kleiter-Jacobson tilt. I may or may not, leaning towards likely not providing live updates for the evening draw but will be back up and at er for draws tomorrow.

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