Sunday, November 15, 2015

National Football League picks:Week ten

A 5-7 week nine has me referencing that my prediction game has NOT been on point the last while. My overall total is now 67-46. Winners in bold!

Dallas @ Tampa Bay
New England @ New York(G)
Minnesota @ Oakland
Jacksonville @ Baltimore
New Orleans @ Washington
Kansas City @ Denver
Chicago @ St.Louis
Houston @ Cincinnati
Cleveland @ Pittsburgh
Miami @ Philadelphia
Carolina @ Tennessee
Arizona @ Seattle
Detroit @ Green Bay

Sunday, November 8, 2015

National Football League picks: Week nine

Apologies for the exclusion of the "Birden Bomb" last week. Computer issues have arose which means the picks must suffice for now. Tough week eight had me at 6-7 which once again drops my overall total to 62-39. Let's hopefully see a better week here, perhaps a great week?
Atlanta @ San Francisco=ATL
Green Bay @ Carolina=GB
Oakland @ Pittsburgh=Pitt
Philadelphia @ Dallas=Dallas
Mjami @Buffalo=Buff
Washington @ New England=NE
St.Louis @ Minnesota=St.Louis
Chicago @ San Diego=Chicago
Tennessee @ New Orleans=New Orleans
Jacksonville @ New York J= NYJ
Denver @ Indy= Denver

Sunday, November 1, 2015

National Football League Picks: Week Eight

After going through three weeks consecutively of exquisite prognostications, week seven was a step in the wrong direction as I faltered to a 5-8 weekly mark. By doing so, I dropped my overall record to 56-32. Week eight is upon us in the National Football League and am most definitely looking forward to an exciting week on the gridiron. As per usual, winners in bold.

Tennessee @ Houston
Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh
Detroit @ Kansas City
Green Bay @ Denver
New York(G) @ New Orleans
Indianapolis @ Carolina
New York(J) @ Oakland
Arizona @ Cleveland
Seattle @ Dallas
San Francisco @ St.Louis
Minnesota @ Chicago
Tampa Bay @ Atlanta
San Diego @ Baltimore