Tuesday, March 14, 2017

BM's notoriously unreputable Annual Major League Baseball Prognostications:2017 edition

Reviewing my predictions from a year ago I was overall satisfied with how my read on the 2016 campaign turned out to be. The Red Sox-Cardinals was my World Series predictions and when I break down the teams respectively,Boston was exactly who I thought they had the potential to be with Mookie Betts and Jackie Bradley coming into their own with the former a legitimate MVP candidate.Pertaining to the St.Louis Cardinals, after an admitted dismal start they nearly clawed their way back into wildcard contention. What went wrong in St.Louis...well the sudden freefall of once unhittable Trevor Rosenthal didn't do the bullpen any favors and it wasn't until manager Mike Matheny demoted Trevor from the closing role that things calmed down in Missouri.

The past is the past and I intend to nail my 2017 predictions. This entry is simply laid out in the sense that I rank division by division and then post-season using my regular season standing ranks. After that is complete, I will hand out some individual honours to those projected to have standout years.


American League:


1.Boston Red Sox(2)
2.New York Yankees(W1)
3.Baltimore Orioles
4.Toronto Blue Jays
5.Tampa Bay Rays


1.Cleveland Indians(1)
2.Detroit Tigers
3.Minnesota Twins
4.Kansas City Royals
5.Chicago White Sox


1,Seattle Mariners(3)
2.Texas Rangers(W2)
3.Houston Astros
4.Oakland Athletics
5.Los Angeles of Anaheim Angels

National League:


1.Washington Nationals(1)
2.Philadelphia Phillies(W2)
3.New York Mets
4.Miami Marlins
5.Atlanta Braves


1.Chicago Cubs(2)
2.St.Louis Cardinals
3.Milwaukee Brewers
4.Pittsburgh Pirates
5.Cincinnati Reds


1.The Angeles Dodgers(3)
2.Colorado Rockies(W1)
3.Arizona Diamondbacks
4.San Francisco Giants
5.San Diego Padres


Wildcard Round

Texas Rangers over New York Yankees
Philadelphia Phillies over Colorado Rockies

Divisional Round

Cleveland Indians over Texas Rangers in four
Seattle Mariners over Boston Red Sox in four

Washington Nationals over Philadelphia Phillies in three
Chicago Cubs over Los Angeles Dodgers in four

Championship Round

Cleveland Indians over Seattle Mariners in five
Chicago Cubs over Washington Nationals in six

World Series

The Cleveland Indians exact revenge against last year's foe Chicago Cubs by winning in six games.

Individual and Miscellaneous:

AL MVP:Jose Altuve(Houston)
NL MVP:Javier Baez(Chicago Cubs)

AL Cy Young:Danny Salazar(Cleveland)
NL Cy Young:Stephen Strasburg(Washington)

AL Rookie of the Year:Yoan Moncada(Chicago White Sox)
NL Rookie of the Year:Alex Reyes(St.Louis)

AL Manager of the Year:Joe Girard(New York Yankees)
NL Manager of the Year:Bud Black(Colorado)

First Manager fired:Kevin Cash(Tampa Bay)

Home run King:Rougned Odor(Texas)