Tuesday, March 26, 2019

2019 Major League Baseball Prognostications

American League East:

1.New York Yankees(2)
2.Boston Red Sox(WC1)
3.Tampa Bay Rays
4.Toronto Blue Jays
5.Baltimore Orioles

American League Central:

1.Chicago White Sox(1)
2.Cleveland Indians
3.Minnesota Twins
4.Detroit Tigers
5.Kansas City Royals

American League West:

1.Houston Astros(3)
2.Los Angeles of Anaheim Angels(WC2)
3.Oakland Athletics
4.Texas Rangers
5.Seattle Mariners

National League East:

1.Atlanta Braves(3)
2.Philadelphia Phillies(WC2)
3.New York Mets
4.Washington Nationals
5.Miami Marlins

National League Central:

1.St.Louis Cardinals(1)
2.Chicago Cubs(WC1)
3.Milwaukee Brewers
4.Cincinnati Reds
5.Pittsburgh Pirates

National League West:

1.Los Angeles Dodgers(2)
2.San Diego Padres
3.Colorado Rockies
4.San Francisco Giants
5.Arizona Diamondbacks


Wildcard round:

Los Angeles of Anaheim Angels at Boston Red Sox=Boston
Philadelphia Phillies at Chicago Cubs=Chicago(NL)


Chicago White Sox v Boston Red Sox=White Sox in five
New York Yankees v Houston Astros=Yankees in four

St.Louis Cardinals v Chicago Cubs=Cardinals in four
Los Angeles Dodgers v Atlanta Braves=Dodgers in five


Chicago White Sox v New York Yankees=Yankees in five
St.Louis Cardinals v Los Angeles Dodgers=Cardinals in six

World Series:

New York Yankees v St.Louis Cardinals=Cardinals in six


AL MVP:Mike Trout(Los Angeles of Anaheim Angels)
NL MVP:Paul Goldschmidt(St.Louis Cardinals)

AL Cy Young:Jose Berrios(Minnesota Twins)
NL Cy Young:Sean Newcomb(Atlanta Braves)

AL Manager of the Year:Rick Renteria(Chicago White Sox)
NL Manager of the Year:Joe Maddon(Chicago Cubs)

Thursday, March 21, 2019

2018-2019 Western Hockey League playoff prognostications

Round one:

Prince Albert v Red Deer=Raiders in four
Saskatoon v Moose Jaw=Blades in four
Edmonton v Medicine Hat=Oil Kings in six
Lethbridge v Calgary=Hurricanes in five

Vancouver v Seattle=Thunderbirds in seven
Victoria v Kamloops=Blazers in five
Everett v Tri-City=Silvertips in five
Spokane v Portland=Chiefs in seven

Round two:

Prince Albert v Saskatoon=Raiders in six
Edmonton v Lethbridge=Hurricanes in seven

Kamloops v Seattle=Blazers in seven
Everett v Spokane=Chiefs in seven

Round three:

Prince Albert v Lethbridge=Hurricanes in seven

Spokane v Kamloops=Chiefs in five

League final:

Lethbridge v Spokane=Hurricanes in six