Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Mighty Ducks 4? The plot......

It's only appropriate that being how this blog is classified as the "Flying V", that I surmise my thoughts about what a possible plot for the inevitable Mighty Ducks 4 plot could look like. The speculation was ramped up this weekend when Matt Doherty went on a podcast with what he claimed to be 'inside' information regarding production companies in the preliminary stages working on scripts. The podcast was fascinating which also entailed that Jake Gyllenhaal was in the running for the lead character Charlie Conway and Vincent Larusso was the last minute replacement for the cake-eater himself Adam Banks due to the original Banks walking off set mid-shoot. So below, I don't claim to be a professional script writer or anything of the sort but after this proposition for a plot it's only  a matter of time until I start receiving calls from Hollywood big wigs, but until that happens, enjoy!

 The Mighty Ducks were last seen winning the Eden Hall JV-Varsity game all the way back in 1996. For a lot of these Ducks, the third in a trilogy of upsets acted as a swan song in their prolific hockey careers but for Charlie Conway, his Duck escapades acted as a spring board to future hockey success as after he graduated from Eden Hall, he signed a professional try-out contract with the American Hockey League team in Oklahoma City. The path to the National Hockey League was imminent for Conway as the expectation was that he was only two to three years from reaching the big show. To celebrate his accomplishments in 1999, Conway scheduled a reunion with the Ducks for a weekend in Oklahoma City with virtually every Duck in attendance. What was not known to the majority of patrons in attendance for this Duck reunion, which unfortunately did not include Gordon Bombay who continued to elevate his hockey administration career by taking a  position with as the league commissioner of the American Hockey League was that Adam Banks life had taken a nose dive in his years preceding his Eden Hall stint. He got to into drug and alcohol issues and his financial situation was not stable as he owed people with connections a lot of money. At the reunion the team is out for drinks at a local pub with the location of Banks being leaked to the very same people who Banks owed money to and they ended up showing at the bar partaking in a confrontation with the cake eater that turned out very costly to other members as gun fire ensued with a stray bullet reaching Conway, hitting him in the leg which ultimately caused a gruesome leg injury. The police are summoned to the scene which leads to an arrest of Banks and the people he was associated with and Conway's professional hockey career is put in serious doubt as he was rushed to the hospital for immediate surgery.

Fast forward to 2016, the Oklahoma City gun fire is now a distant memory but the consequences were predominant for Conway as the injuries sustained followed by the rehab from the surgery did indeed cost Conway a shot at the pros. Conway has had two kids since with the girl he met while playing for Eden Hall. His eldest kid is now twelve years of age and a promising hockey player playing in their adopted hometown of Edina, Minnesota.. Conway has taken up coaching and the story opens with his kids team preparing for the annual state of Minnesota youth hockey championships which is now in it's twentieth year and has produced a handful of NHL'ers. The issue that Conway and the team, appropriately known as the "Jr.Ducks" are having trouble fundraising money to pay for accommodations and entry because this particular tournament takes place in St.Paul.  After playing in a local league game in the midst of the team figuring out ways to pay for the tournament, in the rink lobby Conway bumps into a foe that he has not seen since the infamous Oklahoma City dust-up in 1999, Adam Banks. Banks, who has took a complete 180 life resurrection is now a lawyer just like his dad was and manages the team his son plays on, the "Jaguars". The Jaguars are also destined to play in the youth hockey championships and as everyone can probably expect, Banks's son, Bryce Banks is a top shot prospect with at the age of twelve has already begun to receive scholarship offers from top American universities has been leading the Jaguars all year but is a bit of a loner and has not thoroughly enjoyed his time with the Jags. Banks informs Conway of a local qualifying tournament in Edina which pays for everything pertaining to the tournament which would alleviate any financial restraints the Jr.Ducks are under. Both the Jaguars and Ducks enter the tournament and both blast their way to admirable starts with a matchup in the final very likely. The day before the qualification final, Banks son has a falling out with the Jaguars and asks his dad if can switch teams and after  a long drawn out conversation between tournament directors and the local representation of the Jaguars and Ducks it's determined that a team swap will be allowed and Bryce Banks is now a duck. This is a sub plot to the touch warming scene where Banks and Conway, after years of resentment towards one another, hash out the differences and agree the times they shared as Ducks trumps the incident in 1999 where Banks was in a really, really bad place. The Ducks beat Jaguars as like always, the protagonist beats the antagonist and this would set up perfectly a sequel for D5 where we would follow the tribulations of the Jr. Ducks in their youth hockey championship.

There it is, the plot for Mighty Ducks 4. If Mighty Ducks 4 actually happens, I will fall on the floor as in many ways this trilogy shaped my childhood and it's time for the new generation to experience the new ducks.

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