Saturday, October 24, 2015

National Football League picks: Week seven

The Toronto Blue Jays succumbed in defeat at the hands of the Kansas City Royals on Friday in game six of the American League Championship series thus I feel  a little piece of me was broken after such a gut wrenching defeat. Then I realized, it's ultimately okay because I'll just gladly jump onto another bandwagon next season to root for the winning team. Had a decent week last week going 10-3, which advances my overall total to 51-34. Let's hope I can have a better week prognosticating football games then the Blue Jays had on Friday. Winners in bold!

Baltimore @ Arizona
Tampa Bay @ Washington
Pittsburgh @ Kansas City
Philadelphia @ Carolina
New Orleans @ Indianapolis
Dallas @ New York(G)
Oakland @ San Diego
Atlanta @ Tennessee
Houston @ Miami
Buffalo @ Jacksonville
Minnesota @ Detroit
New England @ New York(J)
Cleveland @ St.Louis

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