Thursday, December 22, 2016

2017 World Junior Hockey Championship Game by Game Prognostications

What I've set out to do in this particular post is prognosticate each preliminary game followed by how I perceive the medal round to shake out. At the bottom of the post, I'll divulge my first and second team All-stars. Hope you thoroughly enjoy!

December 26th,2016

Sweden v Denmark= 9-1 SWE
U.S.A v Latvia=5-2 U.S
Czech Republic v Finland=4-1 FIN
Canada v Russia=4-3 RUS(O.T)

December 27th,2016

Czech Republic v Switzerland= 6-2 CZE
Latvia v Russia=6-2 RUS
Canada v Slovakia=8-0 CAN
Denmark v Finland=5-0 FIN

December 28th,2016

Switzerland v Sweden= 4-3 SWE
Slovakia v U.S.A=6-2 U.S

December 29th,2016

Denmark v Czech Republic=8-3 CZE
Russia v U.S.A=2-1 U.S
Finland v Sweden=6-2 SWE
Latvia v Canada=6-2 CAN

December 30th,2016

Switzerland v Denmark=5-1 SUI
Slovakia v Latvia=5-1 LAT

December 31st,2016

Sweden v Czech Republic=3-2 CZE(SO)
U.S.A v Canada=4-0 U.S
Finland v Switzerland=4-2 FIN
Russia v Slovakia=7-1 RUS


Pool A:

1.Finland 9 points
2.Czech Republic 8 points
3.Sweden 7 points
4.Switzerland 3 points
5.Denmark 0 points

Pool B:

1.U.S.A 12 points
2.Russia 8 points
3.Canada 7 points
4.Latvia 3 points
5.Slovakia 0 points


January 2nd,2017

5A(Denmark) v 5B(Slovakia)=5-0 SVK
1A(Finland) v 4B(Latvia)=4-3 LAT
2A(Czech Republic) v 3B(Canada)=4-0 CAN
3A(Sweden) v 2B(Russia)=6-2 SWE
4A(Switzerland) v 1B(U.S.A)=9-1 U.S

January 3rd,2017

5A(Denmark) v 5B(Slovakia)=3-1 SVK

January 4th,2017

3A(Sweden) v 4B(Latvia)=7-1 SWE
1B(U.S.A) v 3B(Canada)=3-2 U.S

January 5th,2017

Bronze: Canada v Latvia=6-1 CAN
Gold: U.S.A v Sweden=3-2 U.S(O.T)

First All-star team:

F-Carl Grundstrom(SWE)
F Rudolfs Balcers(LAT)
F Jeremy Bracco(U.S.A)
D Charlie McAvoy(U.S.A)
D Thomas Chabot(CAN)
G Jake Oettinger(U.S.A)

Second All-Star team:

F Calvin Thurkauf(SUI)
F Julien Gauthier(CAN)
F Alex Nylander(SWE)
D Gvido Jansons(LAT)
D Olli Juolevi(FIN)

G Carter Hart(CAN)

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