Wednesday, June 7, 2017

BM's Muddled Mindtrip:June 7th,2017

Five random thoughts from this very random sports blog that I will share weekly.

1) "He's a starter"

Were the words spoken from Seattle Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll towards his organization's decision into electing not to sign the controversial former San Francisco 49'er pivot. Let me get this straight Pete, you're adament that Kap is a starter in the National Football League but given the reduced cost that he'll cost you presently, he's not a viable option to stand behind Russell Wilson? Here's my stance on the matter, by going public presenting the notion that he deserves to play in the league was a failed attempted spin to suggest that he's doing Colin a favor by allowing him to continue testing the open market but I can read through the lines here, a mandate came down from ownership wanting no part with the P.R hit the team would take signing a glorified bench player.

2) "Surrounding Tyler Benson?"

I'll be the first to admit that prior to the acquisition of twenty year old Matt Bradley, as a firm Regina Pat supporter I was hoping the Patties could've capitalized on the litany of twenty year olds the Prince George Cougars  possessed and bought low on Brad Morrison. Nothing against Bradley and what the now unsigned Montreal Canadien bluechipper projects to bring to the table but I will say even though it was all but guaranteed that Morrison would relocate to a new organization, I'm shocked that Vancouver ended up being the destination. It's an interesting organizational directional move as the majority if not all the pendants across dub circles wouldn't of had Vancouver pegged as major contenders but the managerial regime in the lower mainland disagrees. Whether or not you like the move for the G-men which by the way cost a second round pick, the essence I wanted to harp on is the Morrison moves makes it  much  less likely that Tyler Benson will see a new home this year whereas this blogger prematiurely and falsely assumed Benson's name could be in play at the January trade deadline.

3) "Next wave of personable NHL stars"

Growing up in a steadfast hockey environment I was instantaneously hooked on the classic installments of Hockey Night in Canada with Ron and Don but like many hockey "superfans" throughout the years, the aura of Don Cherry has begun to wear off and likely it took me longer than most to come to this conclusion. Before game four of the Stanley Cup finals, Sportsnet aired what has become an annual segment dating back to the mid nineties where Mr.Cherry himself huddles up that year's version of the games top prospects and conducts a brief interview. This year more than many others it was completely cringeworthy watching these kids awkwardly weave through Cherry's interviewing style by battling through questions that in no way shape or form related to hockey in the slightest(favourite car, music etc).The  kids appeared more nervous and unsettled answering the questions then they conceivably would before their National Hockey League debuts. I'm in full support of our top prospects from this great game showcasing their personalites but Sportsnet/CBC owes these kids an experienced and CURRENT broadcaster in assisting with breaking the ice allowing for a more natural, relaxed interview.

4) "Going Young?"

This can safely be classified as a tumultuous off-season for the Saskatchewan Roughriders headed into the 2017 campaign. Head Coach and General Manager, possibly unsurprisingly,parted ways with fan favourite Darian Durant and this blogger was one of the few that was a proponent of the move especially considering that the aftermath included the signing of Texas Longhorn great Vince Young..The issue that I have now taken with how the Riders training camp has evolved is that sans the hamstring injury that Young endured which is simply uncontrollable, it's my opinion that Young was never given a fair shake to strut his stuff and the job was Kevin Glenn's to lose.The same Kevin Glenn who throughout the course of his CFL career has shown limitations as in 2017 I remain skeptical that Glenn can lead the Green and White to prominence and for the lack of a better alternative I was and am hoping that at some juncture the former Tennessee Titan will see significant time behind center.

5) "Goin,goins gone!"

As a stern supporter of the Toronto Blue Jays, I can already foresee how the conundrum in the middle infield is going to shake out. Troy Tulowitzki for many factors, not at least of which the size of his contract has assured himself as a mainstay in the infield(however much I'd love to see him dealt) and due to John Gibbons' propensity to shift the versatile Darwin Barney occasionally in the outfield, presumably his job is safe.Starting second baseman Devon Travis has become somewhat of an enigma in the sense that in April he was channeling his inner Russ Adams(couldn't hit if his life depended on it) to warping into a poor man's Bret Boone in May. His inconsistent play has led to massive frustration amongst the fan base, it's been the injuries that have created a real prisoner's dillema for the Jays. Injuries aside, his purported potential has eliminated any chance General Manager Shapiro considers moving him. That leaves us with arguably my favourite player on the Jays in Ryan Goins. I famously got into a debate with FAN 590 broadcaster Mike Wilner a couple of summers ago pertaining to Goins's usefulness as Wilner famously stated he wouldn't have Goins bat tenth but sadly with the route this season has taken Toronto, holding onto a valuable fourth infielder doesn't feel feasible. I don't think I'm entering the bold ledger when I suggest that Ryan Goins is the best defensive shortstop in the game today which should translate into a handsome return.Barring anymore freak injuries my gut reaction is he'll be an Arizona Diamondback by the end of the month.

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