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#bb18 Power Rankings(Week of August 14th)

In Big Brother history, the aftermath of a double eviction usually alters the path of the game, and the lead up to the double in the eighteenth edition(I suppose only fifteenth edition as the first four seasons were double immune) didn't disappoint. My early season winner pick Bridgette much to Rob Cesternino's disdain was sacrificed at the benefit of no one. The aftermath of this double also attributed to a lot of social media goers declaring Natalie as the new favourite for the stretch run, an opinion with what I share no agreeance. A revelation was made on last Thursday's episode that we were in store for our second special Friday episode which has the mass speculating that perhaps we're on the verge of a second "Battle Back". I can buy this premise if the Round Trip ticket isn't used on Thursday as if it is the weeks left don't allow another houseguest to re-enter. I do, surprise surprise have an unheard of theory that speaks to the scenario if indeed the Round Trip ticket is activated. Let's first squash the possibility of a Friday recap. Recaps are  a thing of the past as with spoilers and the presence of Social media the need doesn't exist.How about this potentially transpiring, on Friday(once again only if the Round Trip's happening), I would call this the "Jury Speaks twist". I don't necessarily believe or would advocate a jury member coming back in the house so the competition that would be held Friday held between Da'Vonne, Bridgette, Zakiyah and whoever's evicted on Thursday would compete for an additional vote for NEXT Thursday's eviction. The caviot being that the vote would be unbeknownst to the houseguest and when Julie reveals the results after thr votes had been tallied, at that point the houseguests will be informed that one extra vote is in play for that week only. Imagine in this scenario where we'd,be down to eight houseguests and we reach a 3-2 vote, sometimes strategically, and then it's explained that say someone like Da'Vonne casts that sixth and deciding vote and completely shakes up the game. I love it! Off to the rankings...

8.James-"I'm a straight shooter, I'm going to tell Paulie that I've turned on Zakiyah". Right James......because ruining a blindside definitely endears yourself to America! Also, how does he benefit by showing his hand to two physical targets in Corey and Paulie that he is now public enemy #1 with?? Simply put, James has read this situation painstakingly wrong.  I'll spew off my thoughts towards the behaviour of Paulie at the appropriate time but Paulie's presence was aiding James as Paulie unequivocally trusted James and when the time came to turn on "Jatalie", it was not James who was in imminent danger. Some perusing this will suggest that what James did was the honourable thing ensuring Natalie was protected from Paulie's wrath but I'm sorry, Big Brother awards no points for protecting your showmance. It's not as if James knows this or  even cares as his ulterior reasons for wanting to be in the house have been discussed at nauseum but losing your partner in crime does wonders for an individuals game. We can draw on the examples of Liz Nolan from his own Big Brother seventeen, and Hayden Moss from Big Brother twelve to quickly name a couple.Free agency, very much like in sports can be advantegeous as the pay day is large when pen is put to paper. Free agency in the Big Brother house often amounts to a hefty pay check at day's end. One of the most frustrating contestants in the games history.

7.Nicole-RHAP correspondent Alex Kidwell at some point in time this week sent out a clever tweet regarding Nicole. At the expense of digging through his endless tweets to quote I'll paraphrase by saying it was something along the lines of "Paul can't believe that Nicole is aware of an all guys alliance and yet is okay being a part of it". Sincerest apologies go out to Mr.Kidwell if I butchered that tweet but the premise stands, Nicole is getting Britney Haynes'd whilst leading us to believe she's a "Super Fan". In fairness to Nicole, she has hinted subtle remarks over the course of the last few days that she's aware she's on board  a sinking ship but conversely refuses to do anything about it. Openings are there for the taking and it starts with Michelle. Michelle publically called here out at the last live show or whatever you want to  call it but the relationship can be healed, and both parties need such to happen. Admittedly Nicole needs Michelle more then the latter but at this point Corey seems insistent to continue bro-ing down whether Paulie exits or not and because when push comes to shove there are some that are adamant that she's a bigger threat than Corey, this is an extremely unenviable position for her to be in. When Nicole engages in social conversations which happens few and far between she comes across so timid and friendly that people don't want to target her but when she hides behind the boys, most find it dangerous. Getting rid of Bridgette was the correct strategical play for most of them guys in the house and although Natalie and Michelle lost a trusted allie this is where Nicole has to run to! Her times running out, she waits any longer and she could be out next week.

6.Paulie-Coincidence that I ranked the three remaining returnees in the bottom consecutively? I think not. For clarification the reason Paulie is not at the top of this list is because I don't automatically correlate forsure going home with being the worst player. I'm fully aware of the veto result and understand he's been handed his pink slip figuratively speaking but if somehow the tide turns he still poses an outside chance at them winner's circle whereas James and Nicole do not.  Okay, the behaviour this week, undefendable to say the least. Jordan Parhar from Big Brother Canada three sent out a tweet this week disparaging the game of Senor Calafiore where I added the P.R hit the Calafiore name  has taken is shocking. From golden boy to being despised. It really has been a trainwreck, not strategically but personality wise. The attacks mocking Natalie's physical features is disgusting and then to laugh  it off like nothing happened raises major red flags. He took a game move personally, wasn't the first and won't be the last. The increasing level of entitlement he's displayed has me wondering if he let the fact that in the first three to four weeks whatever he said was taken straight to the bank get too his head and now can't handle having to work for his position. From my vantage point, I don't doubt Paulie is genuinely a decent person outside this house but dude start playing the game, scrap this quitting the game talk and show us that you wanting to be the next Derrick Levasseur is no smoke screen. All is not lost.

5.Natalie-Did I miss the part where based off the double eviction results, Natalie has now won this game?  Is Natalie no longer the worst player in this game? Yes. Is Natalie aligned with the game's most incompetent player in the history of the show? Yes. Did her work on Michelle curry favor to her group? Yes, but to classify her as the game's best player is like saying Andrea Bargnani is destined to win the 2017 NBA MVP award. Not happening!!!  There are positively thousands of avenues I could explore when critiquing her game but we'll explore her expanded exterior presence when it comes to how Natalie is viewed by the opposition. Natalie, not James will be exposed if Corey or Paulie are fortunate enough to win Head of Household. Her house position she's stumbled across would be great if we were in the final five/final four but it's too early. The laid back, innocent Natalie that wasn't viewed as a threat is the Natalie I wanted to see at this juncture.  Far too vocal and outspoken for my liking, with the way the game WAS playing out prior this week, I foresaw the potential scenario where she could've found herself in a final three with Michelle and Bridgette if the Travelling nurse didn't succumb to the double which would've all but ensured a final two spot and a legitimate shot at the title. Now, unless her James and Michelle win out which let's face it won't happen, there's no WAY she gets past the final four.. The premature coronation has started, I'm here to squash it.

4.Victor-I briefly considered ranking Victor dead last but then it dawned upon me that unlike the Natalie group which he's currently part of in a distant sense, it's, not out of the realm that he could win out. Still won't win thought. I would personally never cast my vote for somebody who was granted a second chance but that's not what I wanted to orate. Am I the only one and I can't be as the edit is heavily pushing this angle that Paul is playing Victor like a fiddle? I'm not even sold Paul would take Victor to the final two as he's positioning himself comfortably with Michelle.  As much as Paul wanting to chop Paulie can be reasoned with, in that conversation Paul and Victor had on the Sunday episode where Victor openly worried if nominating Paul and Corey would put a bounty on his back and buddy you're correct. Paul's leading you up the stairs of the Verruckt(no ill content meant) where you should be the safety inspector prompty assessing the safety of the move. Victor thinks Paulie has his best interests at heart which right there has ended his chances. I compare this dynamic to Big Brother twelve with the Enzo and Matt Hoffman relationship. Matt's strategical reputation benefitted Enzo who excelled in the social game but when the time came Enzo chopped Matt when he was no longer useful. Sadly Victor, you're the Matt in this scenario.

3.Michelle-Super fan in reality television is over used and Big Meech bends the terminology to the greatest degree.  I like Michelle, always have, an attractive gal that seemingly has a career set for hersel after this show consummates. At the beginning of this game her strategy seemed comprehendable but then towards the middle where she inaugurated a petty feud with Bridgette that was visibly one sided her game began to sour. The TSN (Canadian Sports network) turning point for me was when she baried the hatchet with Bridgette and started taking to heart what Bridgette and Paul were feeding to her. It could've very easily been Michelle who bit the bullet in the second half of the double.  As crazy as it sounds there are now a ton of permutations and combinations that compute to a Michelle victory. Her best move now and I kind of eluded to this earlier is re aligning with Nicole. Newsflash to all, Nicole is NOT the most popular within that house right about now and I'm convinced that if we got down to jury questioning between these two young Michigan born and bred girls, Michelle stands a strong change of outlasting the returning player.

2.Corey-I've been high on Corey's game all season and my rankings have reflected such. Unless the Paul/Victor faction have a sudden change of philosophy, Corey's staying and although he'll lose his shield of Paulie, a shield of Nicole remains in the game. I would imagine and hope that the other houseguests, particularly Victor are weary of Corey's challenge propensity especially in a physically themed challenge but the fact that the house questions Corey's intelligence plays right into his hands. Down the stretch, it's generally a rule of thumb to participate in more mental challenges than physical so with this being said, Corey won't be a priority for the majority alliance. Also, if I'm correct about how this game will play out, which who are kidding I'm probably way off base then a potential mending of the fences between Michelle and Nicole translates into Corey being brought in. I can't remember a season of Survivor or Big Brother that a player that carries the type of build Corey has be viewed as such an afterthought. Tyson from Survivor: Blood v Water comes to mind but it's a rarity.

1.Paul-For a brief time,  albeit very brief I worried that Paul wouldn't see past his delusion of caving to Paulie's every need but if this past week is any indication, any concerns anyone had with his game have been alleviated. He's really castings only home run this year, he's a delight from all levels. Strategically he's not a lost puppy, he vocalizes outstanding diary rooms, he plays to the fans but not in an annoying vein as is the case with James.  I was teetering on my belief if Paul was the one that was going to ship this game.  As of this wriitng, I'm more convinced then ever that not only will Paul be the recipient of America's Favourite Player but also shoe-in to win this game. That's right.....a shoe in. I fail to find one facet where he's faltered over the last couple weeks and with Paulie likely going home, he will lead his alliance all the way to end with shields everywhere he turns.Victor will go when they've enough of challenge domination. Nicole will go when she falls on Corey's sword. Michelle will go because Paul will find a better goat to take to the finals. Team" Friendship" all the way for this blogger!

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