Sunday, August 21, 2016

#bb18 Power Rankings(Week of August 21st)

The twists have interfered with the game. It's that simple. I didn't think it was humanly possible for this many twists to continually benefit James and Natalie. From James cancelling two votes that essentially sealed Zakiyah's fate, a player that along with Paulie would've been opposed "Jatalie" in the end game then to have Michelle win the American's care package that allowed herself to win co Head of Household working closely alongside Natalie is a dream scenario for the duo. At this rate, this season has gotten more convoluted then Big Brother Canada 3, a look I would've thought CBS would have attempted to avoid. A James-Natalie final two, however improbable would be an appropriate finish to Bachelor in Paradise on CBS(O wait, this is Big Brother?).

7.James-Here's the god honest truth, and I alluded to this in my opening, James is probably going to win the game. By saying that, I don't respect any phase of his game. His affection for the girl has greatly assisted Natalie's potential and has him riding coattails. In the season of twists this riding coattail "strategy" that James has endeavoured upon is infuriating for the viewer. If he wins, or comes anywhere close to winning America's favourite player, then I question the legitimacy of the voting as everything I've read on social media has Mr.Huling getting panned for this game play. Frankly, I'd be more comfortable endorsing Corey for AFP compared to him. Back to a game play perspective, Michelle's co HOH is massive for the duo as in fairness to him, I think the idea to target Victor(although this morning I'm reading the target may have changed back to Corey) is their right game move, next Thursday's Buy Back not withstanding. A showmance keeping another showmance in the house is an apt thought process and I think at least for the time being, keeping Nicole and Corey in the house increases Jatalie's longevity. The latest feedback I've received that Corey is now in danger is fitting and speaks to the incompetency of his game.

6.Victor-In a season that featured a Calafiore, it's ironic that their is somebody playing a vintage Calalafiore game, and it wasn't Paulie.....that mantra belongs to Victor. His insistence to ride to the end with Paul is identical to the way Cody was blindly willing to run with Derrick. Paul will beat Victor in a final two scenario, something that no one can truly refute. Aside from how I feel about his game I will vocalize that his image has taken a complete 180 turn. From the goofball, so far removed from the inner happenings of the house edit he received in the first two weeks to now, a relateable character who has chanelled a Malcom Freberg competitive spirit. How can Victor maneuver his way to the top of the standings? For one, he has to survive this eviction and even though right now the house has flipped back to the Texan Corey my internal gut says Victor will be the one sent back to the second buy back competition. If my gut is correct, could you imagine how hilarious that would be if VIctor reigns victorious again and re-enters in the house? He has two strikes, but they say you're not out until the third.

5.Michelle-It's been one wild roller coaster this summer pertaining to my thoughts of Michelle. From declaring her a winner's threat three weeks ago to then siding with RHAP correspondent Alex Kidwell that his "drawing dead" remark had merit to then based on the double eviction outcome transpired echoing that she had a chance to as we currently stand. She's back to drawing dead unless another twist is announced that plays to her benefit. I'm sure she was jumping the joy over being awarded the Care Package from America but sadly she misused the power egregiously. I know there will be some reading this that the way she used was correct, but I vehemently disagree. Not to sound like I'm contradicting myself but the person she should've nominated was James and I'll explain why. By addressing the threat of James, she would've then opened up the window to exclusively work with Natalie and she would've been amicable being as how she's all about girl power this season. I can agree with the premise that being in the middle of two showmances can be advantageous to a certain point but that point has now passed. It's the time to target one of the couples and for Michelle it would have made more sense to push James out as opposed to Corey due to the relationship with Natalie being more stable compared to her bond with Nicole. Also, and I can't stress the importance of this a James ouster by Michelle would've elevated her all the way to the top as I can't get over my disdain of James. This is a comparison that I haven't penned but I've thought for a long time, James is to Big Brother as Rupert Boneham is to Survivor.

4.Natalie-Fate is largely relevant in the Big Brother house. For Natalie, from what I've heard and read, if either Bridgette or Michelle had won the veto during the Double Eviction Corey would've replaced the nomination with Natalie and the back door was in motion. That didn't happen, Natalie is alive and well and now has won her first H.O.H of her Big Brother career. Paul being a popular character aside, like I already mentioned the decision to nominate Paul and Victor was strategically sound as it kept the alternative couple in the house as bait for next week's Head of Household. In a final four consisting of James/Natalie/Paul/Michelle, a real possibility I don't for a second believe that Paul would side with Jatalie, would clearly arrange a final two deal with Big Meech. This is where being  in a Big Brother relationship can be crippling. No one in their right mind will want to discuss any final two arrangements because you're locked in with your partner.  I've been crucified for my negativity regarding Natalie but here's the unvarnished truth, I want you any of you to provide me with a feasible theory with how she wins the game? Does she beat James? No, even though her game is superior, Paulie, assuming he doesn't re enter his game has a polarizing personality that will push his will on fellow jury members to award James with the 500K. Does she triumph over Michelle? If the brief jury segment was any indication then the infatuation they have over Michelle is greater then the most? And to quickly run down the rest of the list, doesn't beat Corey because Mr.Brooks is getting a misleading edit, Nicole will have the Paulie and Corey factor in jury and Paul doesn't lose to anybody. I'm convincing myself as I type this that Michelle should be ranked four with Natalie five.

3.Corey-Remember and I've stated this a few times, my rankings don't always reflect the climate in the house, the rankings are formulated in such a way with all things being equal who has the best chances to win. Corey is likely going home this week but I'm hoping James will come to his senses and make the right decision. To best describe Corey's game, he's loyal to a fault, entered into an alliance and really has been the only one all season who has never wavered. As someone who dreams over the possibility of playing Big Brother(Canada) one day it disturbs me with the image the show has created of him. I'm not saying I'd enlist in the same game play as Corey because our personalities are vastly different but what upsets me is that not once have they showed the audience a segment where he's rolling ideas off his alliance mates. He's a quieter individual so it's more difficult to portray, I get that but that doesn't mean he's not contributing ideas to the group. If you watch the jury segment closely, when Corey is shown to have won the H.O.H in the double, Da'Vonne hints to the fact that he's finally showing his true colors as if to say that the impression of most houseguests had towards him was that he was playing an under the radar game with "playing" the operative word. Houseguests know he's not just some door knob and has substance. If the cards align right this week and he's allowed to continue using Nicole as a shield, I'm not discounting a win just yet.

2.Nicole-She's a good, borderline great week in the house. You're wondering how when Corey is imminent danger could this be a good week? For the same reason Natalie's chances improve if James leaves, a similar train of thought could be parlayed to Nicole if Corey exits. Nicole has NOT been good television this season and if you're on Team Sabrina from Big Brother Canada two, you know that we want good T.V, but from a game perspective, she's nicely positioned herself. This petty tiff with Natalie seems to be a thing of the past and her relationship with Victor is, if for no other word, "fixable". Paul made a move calling out Nicole and Corey, obviously to save his own ass and his sermon may have followers as Michelle is for the time being ready to say see you later to the duo. The thought process behind ranking Nicole at two is due to the fact that IF Corey goes, and I'm caving into the if game here Nicole can side with James and Natalie because once Nicorey is broken up, the third tight bond will again be targeted leaving Nicole as a valuable free agent. Nicole wins this game if she does the only beneficial strategical procedure and cuts Natalie and takes her fellow veteran James to the finals. A Nicole/James final two, great if CBS wants their lowest ever television audience.

1.Paul-Natalie had me worried that Paul was set to jetisson out of the house. Luckily Paul squeaked out the Veto win and is securely fastened up ready to make  a prosperous run in this game. Anyone not considering Paul the favourite(*cough, Taran Armstrong, cough*) is about as perceptive as Buffalo Bills former running back Karlos Williams who thought he made the valiant decision to come to training camp 50 pounds overweight. Not a smart move! Paul averted danger, may of left Victor hanging but Team Friendship is no worse for wear. The only guaranteed all-star out of this season but then again I said the same thing about Johnny Mac last year and look what that got me, a James return!?! There are a plethora of reasons to be enamored with Paul not the least of which is his ability to make savvy game moves but then not hold personal grudges. Case in point last week where Paulie was out the door and could've been a real jackass and aleniate the New Jersey native like most did but he took the time to reinvigorate the friendship and if Paulie's the one who wins the buy back, then a noble tip of the cap to the 2017 America's Favourite Player and Big Brother Champion.

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