Sunday, June 21, 2015

Chambers Bay Conflict?

So as of tonight, Sunday, June 21th,2015, the United States open concluded amid rampid controversy. The winner for the second consecutive major was none other than Texas fire baller, twenty-one year old Jordan Spieth. Spieth conquered the very things that a lot of his fellow PGA Tour found "unfair" and that was solely and singularly the green complexes. Was this very non-traditional golf course not "green"enough for some? According to Billy Horschel, the USGA should be ashamed of the setup. I'm sorry Billy, but since when does a player who has recorded ONE top ten finish in a major championship earn the justification to speak on a platform on behalf of the entire players body? I watched the play unfold on FOX(which did a stellar job aside from some leaderboard snafus despite skepticism from the media going into the week) and what I saw was a stern test which rewarded the players skill-set to utilize the slopes and undilations on the greens which led to some having consistent short range birdie putts. I'm not sure the issue here, do players like Ian Poulter, who frankly are tour caliber unless the event is labelled as the Ryder Cup really believe that by immersing in a shoot-out, they would all of a sudden become more successful. If you want a shoot-out, play more events such as, and I circle back to this because for whatever reason it was one of my memorable tournaments growing up was the SEI Pennsylvania Classic going way back in 2002. Players want to showcase their talents which is completely commendable, but the average viewer does not want to see -50 as the winning score every week. I realize this is tongue and cheek in terms of realistic output. I compare a golf major championship in golf to that of a slobber knocker defensive battle in the NFL. A 56-55 score is good every once in a while but so is a 9-6 field goal infested outing. Nothing wrong with seeing <-5 every folks. A MAJOR championship is purportedly a major test, let's keep it that way. All in all, compelling weekend in the world of golf. A few takeaways from the weekend.

-Jordan Spieth is 21 going on 41. The way he speaks and conducts himself, he is resembling what every parent would want their kid to grow up as. His maturity compounded by his ability to seize the pressure to put him in the mindset that  a Sunday in a Major Championship is like playing in a Monday Pro-Am at the aforementioned "legendary" SEI Pennsylvania Classic.

-Brandel Chamblee and Frank Nobilo...ever get the sense that these two may constantly butt heads off-set from the Golf Channel?  Brandel's opinions, are as if you continue with this blog, are ALMOST as absurd as mine as he always pushes the edge near insanity. To publicly humiliate Dustin Johnson on air minutes after he three putted the eighteenth to lose the Open because why...he wouldn't attend the presentation. Does Johnson come off well from skipping the presser, not exactly but I found great drama from Nobilo clenching his teeth every time Chamblee would open his mouth during that segment. One  conservative and one right wing on that panel makes for on-air fireworks. Kudos to primary hosts Rich Lerner and Kelley Tilghman who somehow corral Nobilo and Chamblee from dropping the gloves which seemingly can't be an easy task. Nobilo's a respected commentator as evidenced through his promotion to CBS, potential jealously setting in on the Texan(Chamblee's) part.

To conclude this article, the PGA tour should certainly make it's way back to Chambers Bay in the future. The course is a links test which is a nice knuckle-ball for this championship and it creates unbelievable theater because as Chris Kirk learned the hard way this Sunday,a couple wonky pitches to the wrong quadrant of the green can lead to a score reminiscint of something you might see me do, and that is the big 1 0.Players hated it,unless your name is Jordan Spieth, fans loved it, very curious to see which direction the USGA will side with going forward.


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