Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sacramento Queens

Hello, so according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo, who repeatedly is given high praise for his extensive insider knowledge pertaining to the association, is as of last night reporting that head coach George Karl of the Sacramento Kings, or Queens, depending on whatever side of the Shaquille O'Neal spectrum you sit on, has been pushing ownership and management to make a splash by dealing away Demarcus Cousins. Yes that's right folks, the same Demarcus Cousins, infamously known as "boogieman" who first showcased his talents for arguably(unarguably in my eyes), the greatest NCAA basketball program that resides on earth that being the Big Blue, the Kentucky Wildcats. The guy was an ever intimidating presence in college with the combination of his size with John Stockton-esque ball skills. The transition to Northern Cal and the NBA from college was aside from a few glaring attitude issues, seamless. He's a poor man's Karl Malone, which everybody would deem as incredibly high praise for a player who is the ripe old age of twenty-five.

The question that needs to be examined, is the why portion. Now, according to updated sources the morning of July 23rd,2015 as much as Karl is adamant that a move to ship away the superstar is made, Kings owner is said to be hesitant with immersing in such a bone-headed endeavor. Before writing this article, I scoured a few message boards related to the Sacramento Kings, and the general consensus is that fans would revolt such a move and are wondering why they hired George Karl in the first place. Once again, as eluded to in the opening sentence of the paragraph, the why is screaming, ruthlessly looking for answers.

So why did they hire George Karl, after all this is the same organization that elected to fire Mike Malone whilst he was in the midst of having his praises lauded by players and media alike. George Karl, going all the way back to his Milwaukee days has had the reputation of clashing with star players and alienating and dividing the locker room.  I can only imagine the interview process when the Kings were dwindling away at their list... "So George, if we decide to hire you, what's your first course of action? George-"Well, I want to come in and trade our superstar for scraps and be a lottery team". It's like saying the National Hockey League's Pittsburgh Penguins when hiring a coach letting the coach dictate the organization's game plan moving forward and forcing the trade of Sidney Crosby. That's not plausible. The hire is completely baffling to me not just because Karl's purported locker room demeanor but also his overall lack of success. Every team in the NBA strives to get to the top, and the Kings don't have to look very far because beside them in Northern California, the Golden State Warriors converted from being a 90's/early 2000's laughing stock to quickly resembling a model franchise. Aside from his Shaun Kemp/Ray Allen led 1995-1996 Seattle Supersonics team(great symbol by the way), absolutely no playoff success has come Karl's way.

An angry/playoff choking coach? No thanks. Good luck Sacramento.

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