Sunday, September 11, 2016

#bb18 Power Rankings(Week of September 11th)

The final five is upon us. For those disgusted at the move Nicole and Corey made this week, give your head  a shake as in what universe would a pair knowingly take another pair  to the final four? Answer in no universe is that acceptable. This season has entered into a unique dynamic as from this bloggers vantage point, the returning players are the houseguests who have been rendered with having no chance and my rankings will reflect such.

5.James- James is safe, has smartly aligned with Corey and Nicole but it doesn't alter my thoughts towards his general demeanour.  What James does is, and this has been touched on several times on certain RHAP broadcasts is he airs his dirty laundry to the other houseguests giving off the "poor is me" perception. Anyone familiar with feeds is aware James brings that upon himself and the decision by CBS to portray Natalie as the bad egg in the relationship was completely unjust. What he says in the diary room opposed to how he conducts himself do not correlate. James talks about how his sole purpose of re-entering the  house was to win the 500K but his actions tell a different story. Was he all about winning the money when if Natalie would've treated James with a more endearing attitude he would've fell on his  sword for her? Was he all about the money when in a pivotal Head of Household competiton he bowed down because Nicole wanted a letter from her family while sacrificing Michelle in the process. It's the contradictory comments that I have no time for.

4.Nicole- I'll be the first to admit Nicole's game play in the last few weeks has been stellar, it's been her lack of jury management skills that is cause for concern. A lot of the now members of the jury internally have suggested that Nicole's reputation precedes her of hiding herself in a room until it's time for competitions and that has alienated her with the majority of females. Us the viewer can visibly what she's doing and unless you're pressed down watching live feeds 24/7 the houseguests will have good of a view as any and these alienation tactics will come back and bite her if she's fortunate enough to reach the final two. Another point I want to explore is who Nicole envies to sit next to in a final scenario, I just feel like she's subtly hinting how Corey is "so loved" or has so many friends in the jury that she's dropping clues that she may not aspire to take Corey to the final two if the responsbility comes her way. I have this hunch that she feels that she stands a better chance beating James for which I don't blame her as that's her best strategical maneuver. Corey could leave devastated but say what you want about Nicole, her personality and antics are aggravating but has quietly gaming hard the entire season.It's the amount of people that she can beat has me resorting her to the fourth ranking.

3.Victor-Bragging about the quantity of competition wins is something that if I could walk in the house and coach Victor, I'd advise him to stop that ASAP. For myself personally, I'd have  a difficult time awarding him with the cheque at the end of the day. This however will be a tough thing for the jury to hold him on as he easily presents the most genuine personality in the house. There are so many things to appreciate about his character, the friendship he has shown Paul has been commendable but I feel like his undoing may be his black and white approach. The  premise of the game is to be deceitful. The problem with Victor and Paul is they're too upfront about anything and for the life of me I don't understand how they didn't see these latest nominations coming. Even thought Victor will be the one that I'm reading will likely receive the boot, I don't view that as "Nicorey's" best move as the relationship forged between Paul and James is stronger than James and Victor. With Nicole gone his game is, to reference Zingot, "El-donezo".

2.Paul-Acculumatively when I tally up my weekly ranking he has the lowest  count but due to circumstances of how this week's played out, I was forced to drop him a spot. Nicole won Veto which means barring last minute strategical conversations the Sitting Ducks will be down a member with Victor going home, so we must look at how Paul can get back in the other's good graces. I briefly touched on how Nicole has been very complimentary of Corey and Corey winning the America's Care Package when he did may falsely have Nicole prescribing to theory that Corey is beloved by all and want to target him in the final three/four. If that happens, then Nicole is as delusional as James but save for that actually happening, Team Friendship will have to re invent himself. I have one plausible theory that could open a hidden door for Paul. We have long thought that Corey considers Nicole as his unbreakable bond but what if Paul uses complicated logic to Corey by breaking down the possible jury by proclaiming that Nicole has more friends on the jury than anybody and can't be beaten Would it be enough for Corey to open his eyes and contemplate Nicole as expendable, For Corey this would be a devastatingly bad move as Paul's the one guy who will give him a run for his money but worth a try because from an outside perspective if Paul doesn't win the Final four H.O.H or veto then his days are severely numbered.

1.Corey-I hope everyone will read this and read back to my very first ranking, one constant has remained and that's my admiration for Corey's game. If you believed the edit as it's presented then you're of the opinion all Corey does is sleep and not converse with anyone not named Nicole. This ascertation could not be further from the truth. He's always around the communal area clowning around with whomever's around and because of that, Paulie comes to mind as houseguests that consider Corey one of the stronger players whereas we the public view him as an afterthought. Why is that you ask, well it's all about the edit. CBS wants us to believe he's an afterthought but due the dwindling numbers, it's no coicindence that he's being shown in a more serious manner because productions is probably panicking that he may actually win the game. And for those in the RHAP community reading this, it's only fair that I get a shout-out on one of the after shows or Rhappy Hours as I've maintained this pro Corey stance from pretty much week one. Corey Brooks is going to win the game and I'll be one of the few unsurprised when this happens.

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