Monday, September 19, 2016

Where's Kerry Collins?

Fans of Los Angeles, there's a disconnect between ownership and the coaching administration, correct?  Jeff Fisher has been through the ringer while accounting for his years of experience on the sidelines with the Tennessee Titans and now the Rams organization is a veteran bech boss that has no desire to develop their first overall pick Jared Goff. There's some history in previous stops of Coach Fisher doing this. Lest we not forget the handling of Vince Young in Tennessee. The uninitiated correlate the Texas Longhorn alum as one of the games biggest busts but those same individuals forget that he was once named to the Pro Bowl. Injuries and some poor off field decisions eventually cost Young the starters position but after leading a comeback effort in 2007 in what started as a disastrous campaign for the Titans turned fruitful when Young utilized his legs and advanced Tennessee to the Wild-card game.  His reward, a 2008 benching in favor for the ageless wonder Kerry Collins. This was a backwards organizational move, one endorsed by Titans ownership and requested by coach Fisher but the type of move as we put Young's career in a retrospective was a confidence shatterer as his mindset was never the same. Could a comparison be drawn between Young and Goff? Absolutely. So why was Goff brought in with the first overall selection.......well it's not difficult to ascertain why. The Coliseum was going to play home to a NFL franchise for the first time in twenty two years so the ownership group wanted the 'sexy' selection to draw recognition to the franchise. The problem is though, at some point there wasn't pertinent communication as to the coaches feelings on Goff.  Hot take(not really) Case Keenum is unquestionably the worst current starting quarterback in the NFL so it's not as if he's playing behind a Aaron Rodgers type. Do I think the Rams have a capable collection of receivers, well not exactly but given the proper tutelage Tavon Austin has number one potential so why not attempt to build chemistry between a young receiver and an even younger quarterback.  This division is ripe for the taking, and I firmly believe with the defence implemented by Gregg Williams that the Los Angeles Rams have playoff aspirations so I'm pleading with Rams management to put the faithful who pay good money to attend a game at the Coliseum out of their misery by fielding a competent quarterback and although we can't say for certainty that Jared Goff is competent, what I can say with complete certainty is he's spades ahead of Case Keenum.

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